The Artist

Josh is a self taught contemporary artist working in painting, mixed media, photography and film. He opened his first studio in 2005 and soon after was invited to study at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London, which he attended only for a short period of time claiming,“it wasn’t really for me in the end”.

Josh exhibited at the Tate Modern for the Museum of Everything in 2009 and was selected along with a few hundred artists from over ten thousand applicants, then subsequently published in the MOE Exhibition 02 book. 

He exhibits yearly, takes commissions and produces short art films based on his projects and holds pop up galleries in the UK and Internationally.

He describes himself as a versatile artist, often experimenting with different styles and subjects, ranging from abstraction, expressionism, landscape and figurative works.


Collaborates via social media and gains inspiration from scientific and evolutionary writings, as well as a keen interest in psychology and physics. He is currently writing up a thesis titled, Meaningless Art, the impact it has on society and where it manifests.


Often stating he relies on his subconscious to execute his work, and has written exceptional examples of subliminal creativity and spoken at open events and universities.


He has private collectors and patrons from Europe, Japan and America and has sold over five hundred pieces to date.